Maggie Nation is based in Seattle, Washington.  Some of the services she offers are:

  • Personal Shopping
  • Wardrobe Consultation/Closet Clean-out
  • Photoshoot/Runway Styling
  • Image Consulting
  • Store merchandising/Window styling

If you have any inquiries, please email me at 1nationstyle, or contact me on twitter (@1nationstyle).  I look forward to hearing from you.


9 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Your site is fantastic

  2. Marcia Nation said:

    Love the nail art. Wish I had long nails so that I could try it. Wonder if having Monarch toe nails would be considered unprofessional at work when I am wearing sandals. I am an urban ecologist after all! I will take your advice about the top coat.


    Please let me know if you agree??!!! YSL is one of my favorite designers, may he RIP and I hope his succesors are not ruining his good name!!!

    • Before I start piling abuse on Hedi Slimane’s head, I will first say that taking over a major label like YSL is a daunting task and it would be very hard for any designer to put forth their first collection to rave reviews. However, this collection had a couple of glaring issues. The first is one of cohesion. It looked like two entirely different collections walked down that runway. One with chic, tailored menswear inspired suiting, the other with long flow-y dresses and caftans that reminded me more of Stevie Nicks that parisian couture. Hedi Slimane was the lead designer for Dior Homme before this job, so it makes sense that his suits are going to look good, and he should have focused on that this season.
      The other problem with the collection is that it was over-accessorized, and with bad accessories. Those big floppy hats (think a cross between a fedora and a hat you’d wear to the beach) were on everything, and for no reason. Same with the bows. Often I saw something that would be interesting, and thought “huh, I wonder what that looks like without the giant bow/huge necklace/ridiculous belt.” Take away the accessories and you might just have a chic (if a bit boring) collection of women’s suits. I think they added the necklaces and hats and bows and giant belts to try to tie together two completely different looks. It didn’t work.
      Looking forward to next season, I think if he fires his stylist and his muse (Sorry Stevie, I’m sure you’ll find work elsewhere), there’s a good chance he’ll put forth a decent showing. I like him as a designer, I think he just needs to find his place in the world of YSL. Maybe spend some more time in the archives looking for inspiration. And put Yves back in the title, no one’s going to call it Saint Laurent, that was a stupid, egotistical move.

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