It’s time for week two of the holiday nail art challenge! This week’s theme is decorations, and after seeing some of the other submissions last week, I decided to step it up! I used a dotting tool and a very fine paint brush in order to create a Christmassy living room scene. Here’s the result:


Here are the various polishes I used to create this look:


So, a lot. I started with a light beige color that I mixed myself. Then, I thinned some black polish on a Konad plate and used my paintbrush to sketch out a basic outline of what I wanted to do. On the first nail, I decided to do a comfy chair in front of a snowy window. On the middle finger, a Christmas tree with presents. My ring finger will have a fireplace, and my pinky will have a big window with a snowman outside. At this point, I wasn’t sure about the thumb.


Here you can see how I started to fill in the pictures. I used a dark green for the base on the tree, and mixed red and brown to make the brick color for the fireplace. Next I’ll add some lighter green highlights on the tree and some decorations.


I started to paint the chair brown, but it needs shading so that you can tell it’s a chair. The curtains I started with black polish that I thinned out and painted on, then used a thinned out burgundy over it. This created shading and the illusion of draping. I used Ciaté’s caviar pearls for the ornaments on the tree.


I added logs to the fireplace, but that nail was still looking a little bare, so I painted a wreath above the mantel. I also started to shade in the chair. It’s a work in-progress.


Oops, I forgot to take pictures for a few steps. I decided to take out the windowpane and add curtains on other nails. I also put stockings on the fireplace and presents under the tree and by the fireplace. The snowman was the easy part, I just took plain white polish and my dotting tool and dragged it around. Now all this manicure needs is a few finishing touches.


I used a light brown and a lot of thinner with my paint brush to create a carpet effect. I added more presents to the thumb, and snow to the window by the chair. After that, I just added a clear top coat, and I was all done!


Well there you have it! If you like my manicure, please go here and vote for me! Thanks!