As I may have told some of you, has invited me to enter their holiday nail art challenge. Each week for three weeks they have a different theme for submissions, and this week’s theme is snow. Here is my entry:


Below is my step-by-step guide to creating this manicure. Before you try it, though, please go vote for me here!

Step 1: Pick a sky color for your base. I chose Essie’s Beach Bum Blu.


Step 2: Sponge white polish from the base up. I cut up a wedge-shaped makeup sponge and used Sephora’s White Hot to create an ombré effect.


Step 3: using a different sponge, add a shimmery white color to complete the ombré effect. I used Ciaté’s Angel Wings, which is lovely, but requires a few coats because it’s pretty transparent.


Step 4: Trees! I used a fine wire beading needle and Unplugged by China Glaze to first paint 2-3 trunks on each nail, then branches. I found it was best to work in one direction at a time (bottom to top for the trunks, then all of the branches on the left side, then the right) so that you’re not constantly repositioning the needle and the nail.


Step 5: Snow! Using the same white from step 2, I used the (cleaned) needle to paint snow on the branches, again working in one direction at a time.


Step 6: More snow! I painted some snow at the base of the trees. Remember to paint it in mounds around the tree, so it looks more natural.


Step 7: Even more snow! I used Konad plate m5 to add some tiny falling flakes.


Step 8: Top coat. Make sure everything is thoroughly dry, then paint on your top coat. I recommend painting from the top to the bottom, it’s messy, but if you get any streaking, it will look more realistic. Go thick in order to even out any bumps.