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My Gay Pride Essentials
After my Vegas essentials post, one of my friends requested a gay pride essentials guide.    Remember, Pride is a marathon, not a sprint!  Have fun and stay fabulous!

Lanvin bracelet

farfetch.com- Every Pride outfit deserves some great jewelry to top it off.  Just remember, if you wear it to the parade, you are going to get some weird tan lines!

Punk glove
etsy.com- Let’s face it: accessories take a costume from mediocre to amazing.  I am always on the lookout for unique gloves for different ensembles.

Beauty is life
barneys.com- I get eyelash extensions, but after the week-long party that is Pride, they can start to look a little bedraggled.  Some individual lashes help fill in the gaps and create a thicker, fuller look.

Violent lip

Violent Lips lip makeup
beauty.com- I think these lip and eye stickers are so cool.  I’ve never used them myself, but now that I know they come in rainbow, I may have to pick some up!

Yes to cucumber
target.com- Ok, so most of the time when I get home at the end of the night, I wash my face thoroughly to remove all of my makeup.  However, during the week-long party that is pride, some things slip through the cracks.  One time I woke up the next day and     realized that I had only taken out one of my contacts and had left my glasses God knows where (I ended up finding them in the laundry hamper.  I guess maybe they were dirty?).  For times like that, having a pack of these by your bed is a lifesaver.  Plus, they feel great the next morning when you’re hungover and your skin is dehydrated.

Hudson Wine & Champagne Bowl
zgallerie.com- This wine chiller holds six bottles at a time!  Genius!

Rainbow Roses Vase
$71 – interflora.co.uk- What sorcery is this?  How is this possible?  

Put on Some Lipstick Drink Flask | Icing
icing.com- Hey, it’s a long parade, ok?  Mama needs a cocktail!

Dr Scholls For Her Fast Flats Size 9-10
target.com- These are lifesavers!  They fit in your purse and they’re great for walking between clubs, or for the point in the night when your feet just can’t take it anymore.  

Lot of 150 Crystal Rhinestones Chatons Mixed Sizes
etsy.com- Crystals for everything!  Crystallize all of the things!