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On Sunday I was in Nordstrom and I saw this poster for MAC cosmetics:


And I decided that I needed those nails! When I got home, I got to work. I first painted my nails black, and while I was waiting for them to dry, I considered my next move. I could try taping over the edges and painting the middle, but it seemed like a lot of work doing each individual nail, and I wouldn’t be able to follow the contours of my nails. So I decided to take a chance and freehand it. Here are some pictures:


This is after I finished the first coat of grey on all of my fingers. I always do my thumbs last so I can clean up the edges with them, so I had just painted them black.


Here’s a close-up after the second coat of grey.


All done! You have to wait for the colors to dry completely before you do a top coat, otherwise you’ll get streaks.


My roommate liked it so much, we did a reverse manicure on her!

All in all, this was actually a pretty easy manicure to pull off.  I thought it would be more challenging, but you’re basically just painting a smaller nail on top of you actual nail.  Go slowly and use the table to steady your hand and you should be fine!