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Last year I wanted to go as Emma Frost from X-men for Halloween. For those of you who aren’t familiar, she’s a pretty amazing character in the comic books, but was kind of dumbed down a bit for the X-men: First Class movie. One of her special powers was the ability to turn into diamond. Here are a couple of pictures of her:


Emma Frost in the comic books.


Emma frost as depicted in X-men Origins: Wolverine.


Emma Frost in X-men: First Class. I was a little disappointed in the direction they went with her.

The challenge for my costume was that I didn’t want to just dress up in white lingerie and do a crystal tattoo; it would take too long to apply, and I wanted something I could reuse. So I decided to go with a white bustier and cover it in Swarovski crystals. I started with this one by Felina from Norstrom and tons and tons of crystals.
I took pictures of my progress to share with friends, and I thought I’d put them up here in case any of you we’re thinking about crystallizing a costume this year!


This is the first picture I took. You can see that I had pretty much finished one bra cup and had started on the other.



Almost done with the second cup, and i started working on the seams with some very large (ss40) crystals I found.


Finished both cups and the seams, and started filling in the middle. This part went pretty quickly, but I had to work with the bustier fastened around my legs to stretch the fabric out.


I this picture the middle part is done, and I could not have been happier with how it all looked.


Spreading the crystals outwards here. Halloween was creeping up on me, and I was on a time crunch.


That’s the last picture I seem to have before I finished the costume. I don’t seem to have any good pictures of the finished costume, so I’ll see if any of my friends captured it.

I will offer a few notes to those of you who are considering doing a similar costume:

1. The bra was the hardest part because it was rounded, so the crystals would slide around on the surface, plus the surface area is actually much larger than it seems.

2. I can’t tell you how long this took. I do know that I watched three seasons of breaking bad on Netflix while I was working. This is not a quick project.

3. The stretchiness of the material really worked against me on this. I really wish I had used a corset, because the surface is flat and not stretchy. It would have been a lot easier.

If anyone has any questions about how I made this, or would like tips on their own projects, leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can help!

Update: one of my friends sent me a picture!