After about my 15th time stumbling across pictures of this monarch butterfly inspired manicure online, I decided I had to try it out for myself.

And I also decided to post a little step-by-step guide so that you can recreate it yourself.

Here are the supplies I started with:

I started with two coats of Dior 651 Merveille, a very pretty red with fine gold shimmer in it:

Then I used a cosmetic sponge to dab Some Sephora by OPI polish in Caliente Coral to create an ombré effect:

Then I layered a little Chanel 440 Gold Lamé on the tips with another sponge:

I was actually quite pleased with how this turned out by itself, but we are not here for ombré nails. Time to forge ahead. I lined the sides of my nails with a plain black polish:

By now I’m sure you have noticed the scotch tape that has been painted black in the corner of my pictures. Painting skinny straight lines on my nails has never really been my forte, and if you paint scotch tape, you can use it as a nail sticker. So rather than ruin my work, I cut lines out:

and stuck the on my nails thusly:

After that, I filled in the open sides with a curved border and after that dried, added randomly spaced and sized white dots:

Ok, looking good, but after all the dabbing with a makeup sponge, I definitely needed a good, thick top coat. For that, I love Poshé’s top coat. It dries super quickly, and resists chipping better than any other brand I have tried. Their nail strengthening treatment base coat is also excellent, and dries almost instantly. So here is the finished project:

I love love love the results, even though this manicure took hours. I would totally do it all over again.