With Halloween coming up in a couple of months, I get to explore one of my favorite parts of my job: making costumes. Right now, I’m in the designing phases of a fabulous new creation: a Dita von Teese inspired peacock costume. I thought I’d share the stages of development and my steps along the way. Today I’m giving everyone a little peek at some of my inspiration.

This corset was made by Catherine D’Lish, who is a friend of Dita’s and designs most of her costumes for stage.

I love these smaller peacock feathers, there are so many different shapes and sizes of peacock feathers, and I feel like people only use the tail feathers. I am definitely going to be incorporating these!

This is Dita’s costume for her “Bird of Paradise” routine.

I love the shape that these longer, angled feathers make, and I love the sparkly rhinestones on the rest.

Catherine D’Lish, in one of her own creations.

I love the sleek body shape she was able to create with what I’m guessing are dyed coque feathers, and the tail is magnificent!

Charlize Theron ans the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman

When I saw this movie, I died over her feathered cloak. I’m not sure something like this would be right for this ensemble, but I’m definitely keeping it in mind.

Stayed tuned later this week, when I’ll share some preliminary sketches and my choices for materials.