As promised, here are a few pearls of wisdom I have gleaned from the various makeup artists I have worked with over the years. I’m starting just with foundation and concealer, otherwise this would be a book, not a blog post. Enjoy!

  • Do not start with your foundation and concealer, your eye makeup will get all over it, forcing you to remove it and reapply. This wastes both time and makeup, and only serves to make you late and flustered. Do your eye shadow, liner, and mascara first; then apply foundation, then concealer.
  • Buy colors that actually match your skin tone! Avoid drug stores where you cannot try on the makeup. Again, you are wasting your money, and on an inferior product that will clog your pores and let you down. Drag a friend with you to all of the makeup counters and try the different colors on your face, not your hand! They are two different colors entirely. Your friend can help you decide which color matches you best, as it can be difficult to gauge on your own.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! That’s what the makeup artists are there for. They receive training on all of the products in their line and can answer most questions you might have about different formulations or ingredients.
  • If you have dark under-eye circles like me, you need to use a two-step process to conceal them. First, use a yellow-toned concealer to neutralize the purple cast of the skin. I like to use Dior-sculpt 001 for this, put it is for very fair skin only. Again, shop around at the different counters and find what works for you. Then, add a pink-toned highlighter (I swear by Dior’s skinflash, again in 001) over it. This will get rid of the gray hue that is still left behind by the yellow-toned concealer.
  • It does not matter how much pancake concealer you use, if you don’t use a powder over it to set it, it will smudge off. Quickly. A light dusting will do the trick, generally.
  • Make sure that your foundation, concealer, and powder match each other. It is easiest to do this by buying from the same line in the same colors, but sometimes you need to branch out. Make sure it matches before you buy. Again, try it on your face, not your hand.
  • Don’t bother with makeup brushes for liquids and concealers. They soak up a lot of the makeup, so you tend to go through it faster. Also, unless you meticulously clean those brushes after each use, they are just sitting there with your makeup and the oil and dirt from your face. Sitting there. Collecting dust and dirt and other makeup, and whatever else they may come into contact with. Save your money and your pores and use your fingers.

Those are my tips for your foundation and concealer, next week I will post some eye makeup tips, along with some how-to photos.