In her book Overdressed: The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion, Author Elizabeth Cline takes a look at the American consumers’ clothing buying habits, from high to low end, and examines where that clothing comes from and the impact its manufacture has on the world. Herself a consumer of what she calls “fast fashion,” she sets out to discover how stores like Forever 21 and H&M can produce so many clothes so quickly and so cheaply.

This is a book that I think many young people should read. I see so many people my age buying disposable clothing without giving a thought to where it came from, or where it will go when they throw it away. Yes, quality clothing costs more money. It also lasts a lot longer than anything you’ll get at Old Navy or Wet Seal. They are also usually made in countries that pay their workers a living wage and do not subject them to dangerous working environments. It is high time we start checking the labels of our clothing for more than just the price tag.